Friday, June 10, 2016

Nikki Haley Is A Scalawag: "Last year the worst for Southern heritage since end of Reconstruction."

Nikki and the state of SC joined 26 other states in the Texas v United States case.   Nikki was on same side as the restraining order that was ordered before she turned around and executed the refugee plan.  The same type of policy she was fighting against in Brownsville case.   There are two other contradictory positions.   The AG apparently agreed to both the Texas case having SC join but then to also enter the refugee program.   The webs they weave are about to catch up.
Lauren Martel
Beginning here in South Carolina with the removal of the Confederate Battleflag from beside the Confederate Soldiers’ Monument on the Statehouse grounds, we have seen an endless string of attacks on our flags, monuments, and even the very graves of our noble Confederate ancestors.
Last July, when the powerful forces of political correctness were bearing down on the Palmetto State, our legislators, many of whom had previously pretended to be an ally, cowered under the heat of the national media spotlight.
When the actual vote came down in the State Senate, only three Senators voted right, but only one Senator took the floor to unashamedly defend our heritage and make the case to keep it flying: that Senator was SCV Compatriot Lee Bright.
Sen. Bright made a forceful and courageous stand, not only on the floor of the Senate, but he braved numerous interviews with the national media, all while being excoriated and threatened for refusing to toe the party line.
I hope you haven’t forgotten about the courageous stand Sen. Bright took because, I can tell you, our enemies haven’t.
At the time of the vote last year, they vowed to defeat Sen. Bright in his re-election. They want to be rid of him, and they are spending tens of thousands of dollars on radio and television attacking Sen. Bright for his conservative stands on everything from government spending to his fight to prevent President Obama from forcing us to open the ladies bathroom to men who “identify” as women.

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  1. An article on about a petition being circulated to remove a statue of Jefferson Davis from the Capitol Rotunda in Kentucky and replacing him with a monument or statue of Muhammad Ali. Former State Treasurer Jonathan Miller is pushing this agenda and he wants Davis gone and Ali in. So he wants to replace a statue of a practicing Christian with a monument to a Muslim. Whether you realize it or not, this changes the history your kids get to view. One less statue of a Christian Southerner and one more monument to a Muslim. Washington, D.C. has to love it! Revised History.
    One is a brute and one is an intellectual. Fall, Falling,

    1. Commies everywhere. I didn't see the link though.


    3. Thanks, but I was looking for the link you provided before.

    4. You mean like this one on WDRB:

    5. any image of Ali would have to conform to Islamic law, which may mean a portrait as opposed to a statue.

      Mind boggling, but nothing unusual these days. Thanks.

  2. And to think, at one time, I liked this woman. Yuck. As far
    as I am now concerned she can go to India and poop on the
    beach with the rest of her kind.

  3. Hear hear ! The giant scaliwag must go. Back to India with her rotten carcus !

    1. :) Politicians who aren't disingenuous are as scarce as hen teeth. :)

  4. Come on now. She's the New Face of the Republican Party.
    They hold her in such high esteem.