Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Making Decisions


Are you willing to fight like that in the same circumstance? 


 Making Decisions

My last content post was on June 11: ‘Training, and how it relates to the Four Stages of Competence.‘ Since then I have been up at site for 10 days on a private class, and doing various admin and site cleanup and improvement since then. It’s been busy, but it has been very rewarding. The training on the recent private class was excellent, with a 3 day Combat Team Tactics (CTT), a 3 Day Combat Patrol (CP), followed by Force on Force Team Tactics (FoF) training and a final exercise utilizing UTM ammunition for various activities such as an ambush and dawn raid onto live OPFOR volunteers. This training is very rewarding for both the students and cadre. If you have not been to an MVT class, or it has been a while, then I am at  a loss for words because of the training opportunities you are missing. I could not be more happy with the advances we are making with our training classes and teaching techniques, and I simply want you to experience the benefits and be a part of it.

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