Wednesday, August 31, 2016

At Least 20% of Human DNA Is Neanderthal 

A girl goes nose-to-nose with a Neanderthal statue in Germany. Ancient DNA research is increasingly revealing the genetic links between modern humans and our extinct ancestors, including Neanderthals and the mysterious Denisovans.Link


  1. Not correct. 20% of EUROPEAN DNA is Neanderthal. No person of pure black African ancestry has any Neanderthal DNA AT ALL. NONE. Denisovan DNA is almost entirely confined to people of Asian ancestry or mixed Asians and Europeans. NO African black has any at all.---Ray

    1. I agree that the title is misleading, but the first sentence states

      "At least one-fifth of the Neanderthal genome may lurk within modern humans, influencing the skin, hair and diseases people have today, researchers say."

      But they did find this

      "evidence that both Europeans and East Asians have inherited genes having something to do with the skin"

  2. That makes sense to me. I have met plenty of Neanderthals in the construction trades. :)