Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The Russia-Israel romance

Via Billy

Valdimir, a Muscovite taxi driver, is astonished that Israel, a tiny little country "that's all desert and sand" exports its fruit and vegetables all over the world -- including to Russia, where Israeli produce has become a common sight in Moscow, and even to the country's periphery. 

But it doesn't end with carrots and potatoes. In general, Russia holds a positive view of Israel as an exciting, developed country. It is beguiling to many Russians as a tourist destination, and if anything stands in the way of increased Russian tourism, it is the fact that Israel is more expensive than other vacation locales. 

This has proved beyond a doubt that tourism to Israel can help create a positive image for the country. The many Russians who have visited Israel since the visa requirement was canceled have changed the way Israel is viewed by the Russian public. Almost anyone you meet in Moscow has a friend, relative, or acquaintance who recently visited the Holy Land and came back with tales of its wonders.

These positive stories add up to create more and more circles of support for Israel.

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  1. I visited Israel in August of 1971, while on a special thirty day leave from the war in the old Republic of Viet Nam, where I was serving in the 101st Airborne Division.

    I stayed at the Park Hotel in Tel Aviv, and went on guided bus tours throughout Israel, tours where I was the ONLY Christian (I'm a Mormon) on all-Jewish guided tours.

    To this day, I urge other folks, that if at all possible, to also visit Israel, and enjoy telling them that Israel "is a combination of the Bible - - - and HOLLYWOOD!"

    (Yes, I stole that line from the Hollywood movie, "PATTON")

    Here is a poem that I composed upon my return to the old Republic of Viet Nam:


    Gather 'round, my comrades
    And I'll tell of the day
    I boarded a plane
    And flew far away.

    In Viet Nam, I'd spent
    Six months and a year
    Living like a dog
    And surrounded by fear.

    So, I bid "Farewell!",
    With leave orders in my hand,
    As Trans World Airlines
    Flew me to the Promised Land.

    The Land of Israel,
    The Land of the Book!
    I could hardly wait
    To have my first look!

    After many long hours
    Above the clouds we'd trod,
    Trans World Airlines
    Finally landed at Lod.

    In Tel Aviv,
    I roomed at the "Park"
    And ventured forth,
    Happy as a lark.

    Bethlehem, Masada,
    Jerusalem of Gold;
    I visted them each,
    And other places of old.

    I met a young lady
    On my guided bus tour.
    Entranced by her femineness,
    I thought, "Vive L' Amour!"

    From Montreal, Canada,
    Is where she came.
    But, I was too shy
    To ask her name.

    All through the trip,
    I watched her and stared.
    She would never know
    How much for her I cared.

    We would never meet,
    As decreed by the Fates,
    For the girl went to Greece,
    As I flew to the States.

    I bought Yemenite jewelry for Mom,
    An antique sword for myself.
    Pictures of Israel
    Are in albums on the shelf.

    Though I'm back in Viet Nam
    With my head in a whirl,
    I remember Israel,
    And I remember that girl.

    1. That is very good, John. Thanks. I plan on going back to Vietnam the end of November, by the way.

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