Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Homeland Security To Save Us From 'Rigged Elections'?

Via Iver


  1. Odd, huh? All those counties in '12 that voted 150% for Obama, not 1 single R vote. In NC, supposedly, there are 100s of people 100+ years old, all vote D, dozens are 150 years old. Illegals voting, the black woman that was in the news that voted multiple times and the New Socialist Democrat party always said there was insignificant amounts of voter fraud.
    Now, with a possible Hellary loss, even a shellacking a la Reagan V Mondale and now all of a sudden we fear voter fraud?
    I miss my country, and common fucking sense, I miss that too.
    How do you hack voter rolls? All you have to do is request the info and pay to have it printed.