Thursday, September 15, 2016

First female soldier in Green Beret training fails to complete the course

Via Billy

Army Special Forces candidates carry a log during a recent Special Forces Assessment and Selection class at Camp Mackall at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. Two female officers have qualified to undergo training to become Green Berets. Photo courtesy of the Department of the Army

The first female soldier to participate in the Army’s initial training for the Green Berets — side by side with men — failed to complete the course, The Washington Times has learned.

The enlisted soldier is the first woman to attend U.S. Army Special Forces Assessment and Selection, the first step toward earning the Special Forces name and the coveted green beret.

Since Defense Secretary Ashton Carter opened all combat jobs to women in December, a number of female troops have applied for direct combat roles from which they had long been banned. No woman has achieved the qualifications to become an Army Ranger or Green Beret, a Navy SEAL, a Marine Corps infantry officer or an Air Force parajumper, among other combat specialties.


  1. You watch, they will be reducing the physical requirements so as to become more PC.