Thursday, September 15, 2016

The point of inflexion and awakening? Now that Hillary Clinton will never be POTUS, are the scales about to fall from tens of millions of US eyes?

Via Dick

My interest in this matter is spiritual, not political; this is not about an election, it is about the potential for mass spiritual awakening triggered by a recognition of the scale and scope of falsehood being perpetrated in official public discourse; and the potential for many, many people very suddenly (and unexpectedly) to make a decision either to stay inside or to move outside The Matrix of dishonesty and delusion.

But this is a critical time in the history of The West. Either we will decide to continue in the present direction to extinction and self-damnation; or to step off the down-escalator and start climbing back upwards. 

Whatever happens in the next few hours or days, and whether or not she gets elected in name; it is now clear that Hillary Clinton will never be President of the United States in any functional sense.

My probable inference is, and has been for a while:


  1. We can only pray that is so.

    Lame Cherry is on it - after her visit from some Homeland Security agents, she is back in stride with the latest on Hillary's roller coaster ride in Vampire Land.

  2. Her VP is worse! He publicly supports the Saudi attack on Yemen.

    And I don't wish to tell the Saudis what they may and mayn't do, not because of some ideology but because I don't see why it's any of my business.

    But if the US is going to take a position, it should be *against* unnecessary warring. It's just common decency.