Sunday, November 27, 2016

Jill Stein Cannot File Direct Request For Recount In Pa, Must Take it to Court

Via Billy
Per Pennsylvania regulations, there is only one way remaining for Jill Stein to get a recount in Pennsylvania and it is a complicated process. BillyPenn reports that Stein would have to file for a court appeal and present a “prima facie case” showing that voter fraud took place. While prima facie has a lower burden of proof threshold than “beyond reasonable doubt,” it is still significant. Stein would have to prove in court that fraud was “probable.” This is going to be very difficult given that even the computer specialists recommending the recount say there is no proof of hacking or fraud.
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  1. Having to file in court
    won't make any difference.
    Remember what causes
    "treason to prosper."
    The rule of law is long since dead
    in America.
    A wholly treasonous and criminal
    uniparty dictatorship resides
    in the District of C.
    What about this truth are people still
    They do whatever the fuck
    they desire, as they are unopposed.

    cav med

    1. Yes and I have that. Thanks.

  2. I think it is going to get messy, especially if it gets to the point where the congress has to decide to accept those electors votes. We know Ryan is a traitor and will bow to the democrats. Keep your antenna up

    1. We don't need him or Haley having anything to do with the administration.


    1. Thanks and two great sites, especially the former.