Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Bayer Could Pledge Billions to U.S. Investment and New Jobs if Monsanto Deal Wins Approval


German chemical giant Bayer AG is promising President-elect Donald Trump billions of dollars in research and development spending in the U.S., as well as what it is saying will be a significant commitment to create jobs, if its planned merger with Monsanto Co. (MON) receives the necessary regulatory approvals to proceed, the FOX Business Network has learned.

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  1. This merger should never happen. It's not worth the price we would pay in the near future. Monsanto, the agro-giant that is trying to corner the market on seed corn. The manufacturer of PCBs and Agent Orange. Bovine growth hormone. Glyphosate herbicide and genetically modified plants bred to resist it.

    Now we'll permit them to merge with a company, Bayer, that used slave labor from Auschwitz in their factories and purchased some of the prisoners to use in drug experiments that killed most of them. They also manufactured Zyclon B, a very effective gas used for killing the prisoners once they outlived their usefulness. Now the company is much more benign. They only produce insecticides instead of chemicals used for genocide. Too bad that their insecticides have been linked to colony collapse in honey bees. Bayer Crop Science makes some pretty potent herbicides, too. They appear to be experts at killing things.

    Now with a merger of the two companies they will have the expertise to pretty much kill anything that they wish, but to also produce genetically modified replacements that they can patent and sell to a world that has no choice, but to buy them.......

    Yeah, a little over the top, but there was a point in there somewhere..........

    1. there was a point in there somewhere..........

      :) Thanks.