Tuesday, January 10, 2017

CA has descended to this level: Unbelievable: S.F. has new data-driven solution to old S.F. problem: human excrement

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 I lived on Turk for a short when it was disintegrating, but this takes the cake.

San Francisco is taking a new data-driven approach to a longtime city problem: human excrement.

For decades, feces on streets and sidewalks has been one of the biggest quality-of-life issues for San Francisco residents and visitors, particularly in the hard-edged Tenderloin, home base for many of the city's homeless and the nonprofits that provide them clothes, addiction help and meals.

Now, after a chorus of complaints and a month spent mapping the highest concentrations of human excrement in the Tenderloin, the Department of Public Works on Tuesday will roll out the city's latest approach: mobile bathroom stations at the three most well-used areas.

Each station will include two specially outfitted portable toilets, a sink, a needle disposal bin and a dog waste station, all mounted on a flatbed trailer.

"We're championing our residents' right to clean streets and a safe place to do their business with dignity," said Supervisor Jane Kim, who represents the area and has been pursuing a public toilet program since fall of 2012.

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  1. I have a better idea than mobile bathrooms. You just assign everyone a "pooper scooper buddy". One person poops, the other one scoops! Paid for with city funds. And helps lower the city's unemployment! On second thought, better not suggest this as the crazy left might actually try it.

  2. The late George Carlin comes to mind...."hey man do you know were I can find some sh*t ? " Look no further than Commie Fornia !

  3. So one or two will use it and rest will not to walk into the shit smeared interior.

  4. Why doesn't the SF City council just declare that they will no longer use the term "Human Feces" and replace it with "Volunteer Citizen Fertilizer""

  5. This is from a liberal city that wants to believe that have the mandate of moral superiority to dictate to the rest of us Deplorables in fly over land, how to live our lives, what politically correct views to hold and values to live our lives by. All the while they can not keep their own streets free of shit and their city is bankrupt.