Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Proof: Trump never mocked a disabled reporter

Via Daughter Virginia


Dated, but the Useful Idiots are running with it again. 

This is not new. In fact, it’s almost two months old. I guess I never heard about it until now because it’s not been widely distributed apart from the timeline featured on Catholics4Trump and the people who used that information to produce this video.

But even if it’s a tiny bit dated, it deserves attention now for a lot of reasons.

You have probably heard the story that Donald Trump made fun of a New York Times reporter for his disability, mocking his physical movements during a stump speech. You probably saw a video clip that seemed to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that this is what Trump was doing.

More with video @ Canada Free Press


  1. Wow. That is pretty compelling evidence. I had no idea that Kovaleski covered Trump that far back (1987-1993) - that is a long time ago.

    1. All the press is doing by continuing to lie is to make them even more unbelievable than they are now, so that's good! :)