Tuesday, January 10, 2017

One Last Treasonous Act=> Obama Approves Uranium Shipment to Iran – Enough to Build 10 Nuclear Weapons

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Obama Iran

How Much More Damage Will Obama Inflict On the World Before he Leaves Office?

Apparently Barack Obama wasn’t satisfied with the disasters in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Russia, Ukraine, etc., now he’s approved a uranium shipment to Iran.

Obama approves uranium shipment to Iran — Enough to build 10 nuclear weapons.

This comes on the same weekend that Iranian vessels threatened US ships in the Persian Gulf.

Obama approved of a “huge” uranium transfer to the Iranian regime — enough for 10 nuclear bombs — to keep Iran “committed” to nuclear deal.

In order to keep Iran in compliance with the international deal Obama is purchasing their excess heavy water.

Reporter and Iranian expert Omri Ceron reported.


  1. Brock, here's another possibility. obozo stil has nine days left.


    1. Thanks and I saw that awhile back so I'll pray that nothing will come of it, hopefully.

  2. How many ways is this going to go bad for the human race?
    Let me count the ways.
    1. Big Boom
    2. Rinse and repeat as many times a possible.