Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Former CIA Director: Obama Sanctions Will Have Almost Zero Impact On Russia

Via Billy



Former CIA Director Michael Morell said the Obama administration’s sanctions directed at Russia for allegedly hacking U.S. political institutions will accomplish virtually nothing and are essentially meaningless.

In an interview with The Cipher Brief published Wednesday, Morell, who served as former acting CIA director in the Obama administration, stated bluntly the new sanctions are “both confusing and weak.”


  1. While working as a young 2nd Louie with some MI types back in the early '80s, I learned that the CIA recruited heavily from the Ivy league schools.

    Was impressed back then.

    Now I realize that's part of the problem why the CIA has become politicized and taken a hard left turn over the years.

    The icing on the cake was when an SF co-worker who investigated the Iraqi war crimes against the Kuwaitis in Gulf '91 told me his spook counterpart spent the whole of his time there sitting in a tent, drinking whiskey, and listening to Wagner. Useless.

    So much for effective 'humint.'

    What's wrong with the CIA recruiting kids from Iowa State for Christ's sake?

    1. Thanks for the history and you are exactly correct.

  2. I think Mike Morrell is not a person to trust. Herschel Smith at Captains Journal has pretty well place Morrell in the problem child area in his posted piece "Where's Eric Braverman" parts 1,2,and 3. Braverman was at the Clinton Foundation. indyjonesouthere