Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Trump meets with billionaire founder of China's Alibaba: Ma shared how Alibaba will create 1 million U.S. jobs

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Trump meets with billionaire founder of China's Alibaba

President-elect Donald Trump met with Alibaba founder Jack Ma on Monday and promised that the two would do “some great things.”

"We had a great meeting,” Trump told reporters in the lobby of Trump Tower, according to pool reports. “And a great, great entrepreneur, one of the best in the world. And he loves this country and he loves China."

Ma, who is the richest person in Asia, told reporters that the two discussed how to help small businesses in the U.S. sell agricultural products to consumers in Asia.

Before the meeting, a spokesman for Alibaba said that the plan would help create 1 million new jobs in the U.S.

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