Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Our Addiction to Kompromat


Anything that weakens, disrupts, negates, or damages the system makes it easier for Trump to operate and harder for the establishment to do the same.  
Russia has two exports: energy and kompromat. Since energy isn't nearly as valuable as it was a decade ago, Putin has increased Russia's production of kompromat to compensate. So far, he's been fairly successful with this, but for an unexpected reason.

What is kompromat?  Kompromat is any material that can be used to discredit, mislead, blackmail, coerce, or confuse a targeted person or entity.  This material spans the gamut, from a leaked sex video to a financial document proving corruption. In short, any material can be used as long as it is effective at damaging an opponent.


  1. EoP Comment to Global Guerrilla’s: Our Addiction to Kompromat, via Free North Carolina.

    Put simply: If your dialogue is not based upon ego-literacy -- i.e. focussed on (a) clarifying your message and answering questions and providing definitions for abstract words used if asked, so that your message can be simply and unambiguously understood in simple layman’s terms; (b) really listening and making sure you are accurately interpreting each others perspectives; before drawing a final conclusion as to what the other person’s perspective or argument is; (c) focussed on truthseeking, holding yourself accountable for confronting when any of your working hypothesis conclusions are inaccurate – you are engaged in a form of low or high intensity kompromat fragile ego identity supremacist psychological warfare; to misrepresent the other.

    Reasons could include: Your ideas are strongly intertwined with your racial, religious, gender, ideological etc identity. Admitting the error in your working hypothesis conclusion would require you to reconsider other aspects of your identity; which you are afraid of doing. Admitting errors is something you expect others to do, not yourself, and so on.

    Re Helping vs Obstructing Trump to Drain Swamp:

    Military Intelligence Gods suggestions for how the Military and Intelligence Agencies could Help Trump to Drain the Masonic War is Peace Swamp; if Trump and his supporters were sincere about draining out the Masonic War is Peace Swamp were submitted to Donald Trump, many of his Supporters on 15 January 2016. A transcript of "EoP Help 4 Trump: Int of Military Gods Polite People Options/Suggestions" correspondence is available at EoP v WiP NWO Negotiations: 15 Jan: Donald Trump 2016 .. FSB: Gen Bortnikov.

    Ecology of Peace Factual Reality Working Hypothesis, is available at; including invitations for submissions to expose any inaccuracies in any of the working hypothesis conclusions

    A copy of this correspondence is available at EoP v WiP NWO Neg: 18 Jan: Angry White Dude .. Red Ice TV.

  2. They can hate the Russians all they want too. ALL of the anti-Trump black propaganda is originating much closer to the white house. Like CNN, The CIA, MSNBC, The NSA and ALL "deep .Gov". ---Ray

  3. Kompromat is much less valuable than energy. Democrats don't care because they are shameless. Republicans don't care because they already don't trust anything in the news. So you can claim to have game changing Kompromat, and no one cares. This has always been true about blackmail attempts. If your blackmail target doesn't cooperate, you got nothing.