Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Sheriff Clarke…For 8 Years Obama Rubbed White People's Nose In The Stain Of Slavery

Via Billy


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    1. I thought he would get a place in the administration.

  2. Ironically, Obama is pro-slavery. The 1857 SCOTUS decision keeping black people as slaves did so lest if they were persons they could "go armed everywhere they went." Down through history, disarming people and keeping them unarmed has always been the basis of slavery, which he supports. --Ron W

  3. Amongst all the mickey mouse crap on his uniform, why no U.S. Flag? The 4 stars really make me spit, too. This mouth presides over one of the most dangerous cities & counties in the country. He ought to clean up his own nest before he spouts off on television. Methinks he's never seen a tv camera he doesn't want to be in front of. If he was white, no one would pay any attention to him.

    1. why no U.S. Flag?

      Left collar.


      Seems every Sheriff gets 4 stars for some reason.


      We are fortunate to have a Conservative sheriff in a heavily Democratic county,