Tuesday, January 3, 2017

"Will Trump prohibit use of food stamps to buy alcohol and cigarettes?"

Via John


Welfare recipients might be able to buy only necessities with their government benefits in the near future if President-elect Donald Trump’s administration approves state requests to limit what items people can purchase with food stamps.

According to The Daily Signal, officials in both Maine and Arkansas planned to ask the Trump administration to prohibit the use of food stamps to buy unnecessary items such as candy.

President Barack Obama’s administration previously denied any requests of the sort, and welfare recipients have been able to purchase whatever junk food they desire instead of necessities.


  1. I see go for it. Liquor and cigarettes do nothing to help the poor, only distract them from their plight and does nothing to encourage them to become more productive to get out.

    If you are on the dole (i.e. free without doing anything to have earned it), that person should make every human attempt to get off of it as soon as possible. Mandatory drug testing before you receive your stipend should be considered.

  2. The public has forgotten that the original idea behind welfare was as a temporary aid for those who had fallen on hard times. It was expected that the person on welfare would get a job and get off welfare. By allowing people to buy such items as liquor and junk food, they are being rewarded in part to remain in the condition they are in. The bad news is that the current system is very unlikely to be changed any time soon. There are too many people employed by the various agencies, whose pay check, retirement and health insurance depends on people needing their "services". This situation of generational welfare has produced a sub class of people whose culture and belief system works against those values that would get them out of poverty. They have zero idea of what a work ethic is. The parasite class, known as politicians know that as long as they continue to provide "free stuff" they will have a base that will continue to vote for their re-election.

    1. a temporary aid for those who had fallen on hard times. It was expected that the person on welfare would get a job and get off welfare

      Precisely, "relief" then.

  3. Community service in return for EBT.

  4. The same can be said for dang sodas.

    I get the argument against taxing sodas, though I've actually always been more open to local communities taxing them (not state and not federal), but the destitute shouldn't really be buying sugar water either.

    They need broccoli and sweet potatoes, eggs, milk, citrus, apples, the basics.

    And they'd enjoy eating well if they just got started on it. You feel so much better after getting into a routine of exercise and good food.

    And if they're healthy, then they won't need to go to the hospital.

    I'm a believer that people can develop problems, slip through cracks. And they can fall into downward spirals. But, yea, junk food and drugs (eg. liquor) only aid in that spiral.

    1. The same can be said for dang sodas.

      Good point.

  5. But wait! Buying these things requires a photo ID and to require that is racist, just as THEY SAY when States require them to vote. --Ron W