Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Intelligence Chairman: ‘Still NO Evidence of Trump Campaign Contacts with Russia’

Via Billy

On Monday, House Intelligence committee chairman Devin Nunes said that lawmakers should not begin a McCarthy-style investigation based on a just a couple of reports from the media CBS reported.

From CBS:
“We just cannot go on a witch hunt,” Nunes told reporters.
Nunes went as far as to say that he hasn’t seen any evidence that the Trump campaign had any sort of contacts with Russian officials according to the Washington Times.

From The Washington Times:

We still don’t have any evidence of them talking to Russians,” Mr. Nunes said as he briefed reporters. “As of right now, the initial inquiries I’ve made to the appropriate agencies, I don’t have any evidence.”


  1. I am pro Russia and have been for some time as well as pro
    Iran and Syria. Now, when the people of the U.S. should not
    have been pro Russia was during WWII, pure evil communists.
    Oh, yea, the Allies needed barbaric Russia to help gang rape
    Germany. Funny how that goes. Per Paul Craig Roberts:
    Ever hopeful for Washington’s cooperation against ISIS, Russia dallied in cleaning out ISIS. The prospect that Trump would work with Russia as part of better relations assumed that Trump would actually be in charge, which has turned out to be delusional.
    Trump’s presidency is effectively over. Even if he is permitted to remain in office, he will be a figurehead for the Deep State’s presidency. President Trump has already fallen into line with the military/security complex. He has said Russia has to return Crimea to Ukraine, whereas in fact Crimea returned itself to Russia. He has rejected a new strategic arms limitations treaty (START) with Russia, stating that he wants supremacy in nuclear armaments, not equality. http://www.strategic-culture.org/news/2017/02/27/president-trump-decries-new-start-treaty.html Obama’s one trillion dollar upgrade of the US nuclear arsenal is likely to get a boost from Trump. Sad, Sad, Sad.

  2. Sanctions on Russia? Sanctions on Syria? Sanction on Iran?
    What about sanctions on Mexico. They've been attacking our
    U.S. for eons. Some say this is an act of war:

  3. And here is another promise I and millions of others do not
    want to see expunged. Illegals was key to his campaign.
    After all, America is not a whore house: