Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Trump-Sessions DOJ to Drop Govt. Opposition to Texas Voter ID Law

Via Billy

NPR reported:

The Department of Justice is reversing the federal government’s position in an important voting rights case, involving a Texas voter ID law. The switch was not unexpected following the election of Donald Trump and confirmation of Jeff Sessions as Attorney General. Both Trump and Sessions claim voter fraud is a major problem and have backed voter ID laws.

In a motion filed Monday, DOJ asked a federal court to dismiss the department’s earlier claim that the ID law was enacted with the intention of discriminating against minority voters. That claim was made by the Obama administration as part of a broader legal challenge to the law, which is among the strictest in the nation.

But the Trump administration notes that the Texas legislature is now considering changing the law to address concerns that it hurts minorities. DOJ says those efforts should be allowed to proceed.


  1. India requires voter Ids. India! Outside of the major cities it's a third world country but it still has the common sense to require Ids. Not requiring Ids in the USA is Democratic nonsense that defies logic..

  2. And they say it's discrimination to require everyone to have a photo ID. It would only be discrimination if only some or a few people were. Then they say, it's racist! Why is that? Do they think that black people are inferior and cannot acquire them? If so, that's condescending racism! Are racists in certain State government stopping non-whites from buying beer and cigarettes? This IS about discrimination to allow certain people who are here illegally to break the law, violating "the equal protection of the laws", and vote! --Ron W