Tuesday, February 28, 2017

None Dare Call It Treason

Via Billy

Treason – NOUN: The crime of betraying one’s country, especially by attempting to kill the sovereign or overthrow the government.

Polygraphing is a routine procedure in the intelligence community. Some of this classified information, that is now public, was known only by a very few. The Department of Justice should polygraph them and bring them before a grand jury. This is treason and someone needs to go to jail. 


When candidate Donald Trump warned his followers that there would be efforts to “rig” the election he was universally ridiculed and scorned. The media arm of the Democrat Party insisted that there was no evidence of voter fraud over the last many elections. President Obama lectured that the thousands of voting locations and election observers made the claim just plain wrong.

In the final presidential debate Trump was asked if he was prepared to accept the results of the vote count on November 8. Trump said he would wait and see, which horrified Mrs. Clinton. She spent the next 19 days insisting that Trump was willing to destroy democracy.

The disclosure last August that the Russians hacked the Democrat National Committee merely exposed the fact that the Democrat primary was rigged for Hillary and cost Debbie Wasserman-Schultz her job as chair of the DNC. Who cares?

My how times have changed.


  1. None Dare Call It Treason

    That brings back memories. Sometime back in the mid seventies I was at a mall and was handed a copy of a book published by the John Birch Society that had that title. I don't know what ever happened to it or what it was about. Back in those days most people said that the John Birchers were crazy and that they believed in Communist conspiracies and infiltration just like McCarthy. Looking back it appears that they were correct in their beliefs. I need to do a web search to find a copy..........

    When I was in high school I dated a girl a couple times who's parents were high up in the John Birch Society and had meetings at their house. Her father finally forbid her to date me because I looked a bit like a hippy by the way I dressed and with my long hair. It was just the style at the time. He probably would have been surprised that I was actually very politically conservative even back then. I probably would have even made a good John Bircher. The thing that surprised me about these people is that I had the misconception that Society members came mostly from the lower economic wrung. Nothing could be further from the truth. Her father was chief surgeon at a local hospital and they lived in what would almost be a mansion in my neck of the woods. When I came to pick her up for our first date in my '63 Valiant there was a meeting in progress and the driveway was packed with mostly Caddies, Lincolns and big Buicks and Oldsmobiles. More than a bit disconcerting waiting for her being dressed in jeans and a denim jacket surrounded by suits and expensive dresses. It may have been my imagination, but by all the sidelong glances and outright stares I felt like I was a defendant on trial............

    1. GET US OUT OF THE UNITED NATIONS! They were the first.

    2. Exactly what I felt when I dated a Wasp girl. No only a defendant on trial, but guilty until proven inoccent

    3. Must be a lot younger than me.

  2. Oops, my mistake. The book was called "None Dare Call It Conspiracy".

  3. It's not treason. When you intentionally elect a president who promises to fundamentally transform America, the whole concept of "overthrow the government" loses any significance. Working to bring your side more power isn't necessarily treason since the left believes they know what is best for us, and what is best for us is for them to be in charge. So anything they do to accomplish that is fair game. And anything they do with that power to enact their agenda is also fair game. The Trumpening is the natural response to a whole bunch of Americans deciding they didn't really want any of that transforming after all.

    1. the whole concept of "overthrow the government" loses any significance.

      To them maybe.


      isn't necessarily treason

      Give me a break.


      anything they do to accomplish that is fair game. And anything they do with that power to enact their agenda is also fair game.

      I assume you believe assassination is included. Smoke, a joint man.

    2. Winning the election is not "overthrowing the government". Nothing anyone has done in the course of this last election is even close to the legal definition of treason. Other laws were likely broken but not treason. Treason is a very specific legal concept, which is very hard to prove and which as a result is very rarely prosecuted. It's not like under Henry the VIII where he could accuse his wife of treason because she boffed the pool boy. At the heart of it is proving the person was intentionally working against the national interest. when you are dealing with people running for high office, they disagree on what the national interest is. It would be very easy to devolve into executing all your political enemies for treason after every election. That's why we don't. It's not treason for the President to negotiate with the enemy to end a war, for example. It would be for me to do it or for an opposition party leader to do it. We aren't dealing with anything so clear cut here.

      Pretty soon, "treason" becomes like "racist" and "literally Hitler". Just another way of saying "I hate your guts because you disagree with me".

      And my remarks about "fair game" were hypothetically from what I imagine their point of view is. I prefer a system of laws that are fairly decided and fairly enforced on everyone, by a government that has very limited powers to enact laws and enforce them.