Monday, March 13, 2017

A Ton Of Rifle For Your Money MSRP: $399: Thompson/Center .308 Compass ''One Minute of Angle' – Full Review

 Thompson Center's new Compass rifle is a bargain considering its performance.

I first fired one of the new Thompson/Center Compass rifles at a pre-release event and was immediately hooked, so I talked to the editors here at GunsAmerica about publishing a full review. 

Why? It’s a very affordable rifle that shoots and handles like a very unaffordable rifle. What’s not to love about that? They agreed.

Towards the end of my 780-round shooting binge, I might have slipped off the rifle rest…

My first impression of the Compass was very favorable. It’s not like I fired a few shots and made some snap judgment. Rather, I came to that conclusion after firing over 780 rounds from the same rifle in just two days. For a bolt-action rifle, that might qualify as cruel and inhumane punishment, especially considering that the barrel got so hot, I completely melted a rifle rest. Still no word on whether the gunsmiths back at Smith & Wesson have removed all the melted goo from that barrel… 

Anyway, I shot the heck out of one of these rifles, chambered in .204 Ruger, and it performed. As a result, I wanted to get my hands on a more versatile caliber model and give it a more in-depth trial.

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