Monday, March 13, 2017

Obama’s Former Aide Just Revealed The SICK Private Daily Ritual Obama Can’t Go Without

Via John "Did you think you'd never see this happen in the United States?"

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As Obama settles into his new 8 bedroom swanky mansion just 2 miles from the White House with his Iranian sidekick Valerie Jarrett, an insider reveals the clandestine operations that’s now in full swing. Rather than resorting to his favorite hobby of playing golf, Obama spends all of his waking hours literally obsessing over the man who succeeded him in office. According to a recent article by Breitbart, Obama leads daily conference calls with Democratic politicians, where they plot vile new strategies for how to completely obliterate Trump and his administration.
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  1. Isn't this the very definition of treason?


  2. To my knowledge, no other former POTUS has done anything like this... am I correct?

  3. Obama is the last of four globalist administrations: Bush-Clinton-Bush-Obama. They are the progeny that go back to Nimrod in Genesis 11. They believe that their New World must rule over us and so the renewal of Americanism under Trump is something they must stop! --Ron W