Monday, March 13, 2017

Saigon March 13, 2017

Unfortunately she turned her head and I wasn't close enough anyway.  There is nothing prettier in the world that a Vietnamese girl in a white Ao Dai. (The Communists banned it when they took over the South, but came to their senses later.)

Daily feeding.

Loves to color.

The small fish are crunchy and excellent.

I'm suing. There were supposed to be four girls in bikini's as stewardesses', but I got three males and one female in nondescript clothing......:(

The street corner Hu Tieu couple. The best in the world for 80 cents.

So sweet and brightens my walk each day. I can never get her beautiful smile though.

Fortunately, she is ticklish. :)

He will be an excellent engineer.  Can't stand other schooling.

Pho for 80 cents. Excellent.

Half for lunch and half for supper: Total $1.20.

Terrible picture as she is extremely camera shy, but the absolute most soft spoken, gracious person I have ever met. Mind boggling.

My friend from Tasmania who departed for Phnom Penh today.


  1. Oh the heartbreak with VietJet. indyjonesouthere

    1. I still haven't recovered.....................! :)

  2. Another great set of pictures, that always leave me smiling... and hungry! ๐Ÿ˜Ž

    1. :) I just finished eating an hour ago and you reminded me to be hungry!

    I would guess the U.S. gov needs the money for all the
    perpetual welfare recipients and the ones brought in
    to gorge on providers, i.e. tax payers. In the mean time,
    Israel is sucking up billions.