Monday, March 13, 2017

Soft White Genocide: Mississippi Universities Refuse to Fly “Racist” State Flag

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At some point in the future all universities across America will refuse to fly the American flag, the flag of a country founded by racist slave owners.

Even in conservative, traditional Mississippi, cultural Marxists have gained control of the universities.

So, if state institutions do not have to fly the flag, I suppose if I were a citizen of Mississippi that I would not have to pay state taxes.

Is that how it works or do only liberals get special privileges?

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  1. The solution to this seems so obvious. The schools belong to the state. The president is an employee of the state. Cut them off.

  2. This is an 'LOL' moment. They got 'the stuff.' I saw this
    video on WLOS last nite but can't find it now, of course.
    Only the communist liberal sites are found.