Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Ally of Philippines Prez Duterte Unleashes On EU: “Engage in Online Child Porn. It’s What You’re Good at”

Via Billy

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The heated rhetoric between the European Union (EU) and the Philippines took a wild turn on Sunday after a Duterte ally suggested European officials should “stick to child porn”.

President Rodrigo Duterte’s love affair with the Filipino people is like a jet plane that’s just taken off.
Nothing and no one can stop it right now. He is beloved. Just look at the TIME Magazine survey of Top 100 Men and Women for 2017. He is the runaway top guy at 13% with no less than the pope, a poor second at 3%. And Vladimir Putin. And Mark Zuckerberg. And Justin Trudeau. And Bill Gates.

All at 3% each.

Plus 9 out of 10 Filipinos right now approve of him.

Wrap your dim minds around that, you clowns. Nine out of ten.


  1. Trump should associate with leaders like that.

    1. Yes and by the way the VA has an out patient clinic in Manila and if you are service related, they will send you to a private doctor if they don't have the facilities. I received my Cobalt at the Makati Medical Center in 1994/5 and bought my Christmas tree in '94 at the Embassy PX in Manila.:)Columbia hospital and clinic are in Saigon and offer excellent service. I'd trust them before the VA which reminds me the Embassy doctor kept telling me that my voice was merely due to Laryngitis which allowed the cancer to go from a one to a two. Finally, I went to a Vietnamese doctor who told me to leave the country immediately.

    2. Some doctors are just bad. It's the same with every profession.

      It sounds like you've got good healthcare. Glad to hear. Healthcare is usually the argument, the only argument, I hear against retiring, or partially retiring, overseas. (Or maybe you just visit there a lot. I don't try to get into others' affairs too much.)

    3. It sounds like you've got good healthcare.

      The only problem will be when I try to collect from the VA the expenses ($150) I have incurred here which should be a no-brainer since I am well beyond the 80 mile distance to the nearest VA, but it won't. I was Medevaced to Manila from Okinawa for my cobalt and when the doctor said I should take off a week in the middle and go visit my family in Saigon,they wouldn't *Medevac me back because I hadn't completed my treatment. So I paid $100 for the R/T ticket, then put in a grievance which was denied on every level until it was appealed to the President at which time they said they would reimburse me without admitting fault. Lord only knows how much it cost the government to handle all the appeals. Still have the letter framed. :)

      *Just a routine daily flight which flew regardless.

    4. Lol, wow. Quite the example of government inefficiency.

      These mammoth corporations are similarly inefficient. They can't find anything to invest in, so they just borrow to buy shares back. Later interest rates will rise, and they'll resell shares at a lower price. And CEOs are paid ridiculous amounts in companies that aren't even growing.

      It's the same problems in both cases: Principal–agent problem, short-term focus (CEOs and politicians want to look good for the next quarter/election), and lack of competition. I might not have all the answers, but I can highlight problems.

    5. I might not have all the answers, but I can highlight problems.

      Thanks and you do extremely well.