Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Nunes Had Private Meeting at White House Prior to Wiretap Announcement, Democrats Go Crazy

Via Billy

House Intel Chair, Devin Nunes reportedly had a private meeting at the White House one day before he made his announcement that he had evidence that President Trump was surveilled from Election Day to Inauguration Day.

While there is nothing wrong with this private meeting at the White House, the Democrats and fake news media are going crazy pushing more Russian conspiracy theories and calling for his resignation.


  1. Dems go crazy and demand resignation after Nunes meets with White House officials, yet we get 'crickets' from them when Bill Clinton met with the AG in a private plane prior to decision to prosecute Hillary Clinton.

    1. It's kinda frightening how immoral Dems are.

      Though to be fair, the Republicans are supposedly helping the banks via removal of "too big to fail" regulations, which just removes regulations. Presumably if they begin to fail again, we'll again get new bailouts.

      Republican voters at least seem to have better values, even if easily tricked.

    2. Don't blame me, I voted for Jefferson Davis.....! :)