Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Both Judges Who Blocked Trump’s Travel Ban Made Decision Based on Fake News

Via Billy

Evidence that has been central to the two Federal judges instrumental in the March 15th revocation of President Trump’s travel ban was recently found to be false. The leaked Department of Homeland Security document first came to light via the Associated Press, where it was detailed in a February 24th article and has been cited as integral to the decision making process for the judges.

The most important thing to note regarding this new information is that the judges based their ruling on false information about the actual threat and risk that refugees pose in regards to national security. 

To compound the problem, the leaked document mentions nothing about the potential health risk refugees pose to the general public.


  1. Fake new or not, the Executive branch is charged with the authority to limit these "refugees." The Judicial is merely attempting to usurp that power. As before let the President tell them..."you have your ruling, now enforce it."

    Average Joe

    1. "you have your ruling, now enforce it."