Friday, March 17, 2017

Doc Holliday’s Beloved Derringer Returns to Colorado & 3D-Printed 40mm Grenade Launcher


Doc Holliday’s derringer has gone home thanks to the efforts of a Colorado town’s historical society and a graceful seller. Glenwood Springs hopes that the return of Holliday’s hold-out pistol will help cement the town’s Old West history for all to see.

The derringer was a gift to Holliday from his wife, Mary Katherine “Big Nose Kate” Horony-Cummings, a Hungarian-born prostitute. The engraved frame reads “To Doc from Kate.” It is one of the few personal objects believed to be with him on his deathbed in Glenwood Springs.

Legendary gunslinger, gambling dentist Doc Holliday died on Nov. 8, 1887, aged 36, of tuberculosis.

He was visiting Glenwood’s hot springs to tend to his illness. Holliday died under the watchful eyes of nurses, not with his boots on as he always swore. Looking at his bare feet, his dying words were, “This is funny.”

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