Friday, March 17, 2017

Is Donald Trump a Jacksonian?

Via Billy

Is President Trump a “Jacksonian”?  He apparently believes so:  On his fifth day in office he installed a portrait of President Andrew Jackson in the Oval Office, and he recently visited the last resting place of his presidential predecessor in Nashville.  His top political strategist, Steve Bannon, has said that the president likes to compare the populist movement behind him to a similar movement that supported Andrew Jackson and which infuriated the entrenched elites of his day.

And infuriate he did.  Court historians and other propagandists for the state and state power have long portrayed Andrew Jackson as a country bumpkin, an ignoramus, a tool of corrupt bankers, and worse.

The ultimate Ivy League snob, Arthur Schlesinger, Jr., was especially disdainful of Jackson in his writings.   Based on this fact alone, you know the man must have been one of the better presidents.

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  1. I certainly pray he, President Trump, follows the example of President Jackson when it comes to the insane power grab on the part of the judicial branch. One would expect a nationwide cheer and sigh of relief, on the part of liberty minded individuals, if President Trump were to respond to these ass hats on the Federal bench with, "they have their ruling, now let them enforce it."

    Long have the people, the states, and the other two branches of the Federal government suffered under what has been the assumed and asserted position of royalty by what was designed and codified as the weakest branch of government, the judicial. Now, NOW is the time to restore the rights and power to the people and the other branches of government, to restore sanity, balance, and reality in the republic regarding judicial tyranny.

    I realize there are other problems surrounding government but a quick review of recent history can only bring the one to the conclusion that the Federal courts are a larger threat to the idea of self government, representative government, and our republic than any other group of lunatics shouting Islamic rhetoric on the planet. From the ban on Christianity in public schools and life in general to abortion and on, the damage the Federal courts have wrought upon us and the country are incalculable but are covered in blood and misery. Damn them, damn them all for their violation of their oath before God and country and their arrogance at the expense of our liberties.

    I implore President Trump to demand his powers, outlined in the Constitution, be respected and refuse to play the game of judicial stupidity. File no motion, file no response, nor take any action in any court for such a thing might offer a scintilla of legitimacy to these laughable judicial decrees. Rather restate the Constitution and the law which points to the lawlessness of the counts and then tell these thugs in black robes...."you have your ruling, now enforce it."

    Average Joe

    1. ."you have your ruling, now enforce it."

      Just imagine the MSM meltdown. :)