Thursday, March 2, 2017

George Davis, Attorney General of the Confederate States of America

Via Bernhard

Wilmingtonian, Senator, Attorney, Christian, Patriot.”
March 1st, 1820-February 23rd, 1896

 Judge H.G. Conner, at Statue-Unveiling Ceremony, 20 April 1911:
“You shall bring your sons to this spot, tell them the story of his life,
of his patriotism of his loyalty to high thinking and noble living, of
his moderation in speech, his patience under defeat, of his devotion
to your City and State as a perpetual illustration and an enduring example of the dignity, the worth of a high-souled, pure-hearted Christian gentleman.”

“As you shall look on this statue, it shall be both a memorial and a lesson of the value of a citizenship which will preserve all that is good in the past, and inspire to patriotism and service in the future.”

  Early Life:

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