Saturday, April 1, 2017

Comment on 'Peak Feminism' :)

Comment by Anonymous on Peak Feminism"According to Cosmopolitan, it’s wrong for women to achieve orgasm with men because it makes men feel good for having satisfied their women."
Just to brighten your day. Couldn't bear to post a picture that corresponded with the story. :)

Normally, I would ask at this juncture if this was an idea so weapons grade stupid and out of touch with reality that they would not embrace. But I dare not, lest they take it as a challenge. It would be an easier thing to teach quantum physics and calculus to kindergarten children than to make some women happy. If they have sex and do not have an orgasm they whine, bitch and complain. If they have sex and do have an orgasm they whine, bitch and complain. I bet they would whine bitch and complain even if you hung them with a brand new rope! And this is coming from a woman's magazine who's primary purpose is to tell women how to be more sexually attractive to men and how to have better sex with men.

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