Saturday, April 1, 2017

Why Lee? Why Acton?

A prevailing notion throughout the grand land of America is that the constant brouhaha down South among many of us regarding monuments and flags and statues is much ado. . .so forth and so on. . . and that neo confederates (so-called) are living in the past. While not calling myself a neo-confederate (paleo) I certainly live for the past.

Interestingly, most neoconservatives and liberals seem to live in the past, as well. But it is not a curse if they do it, only if Southerners do it.  After all, there is a monument to Lincoln and one to Jefferson both of which the Egyptians would be proud of in size and colossally ostentatious grandeur—for men who, by today’s judgment (strangely, it is actually prejudgment) didn’t seem to think black lives mattered; at least not in America. Lincoln belonged to the American Colonization Society along with other personages: the aforementioned Thomas Jefferson as well as James Madison, John Marshall and Francis Scott Key to name only a few additional notables.


  1. Acton's understanding of the need to balance power, of the dangers of power, is very good.

    My reasons for defending the South are: a lot of people died in the war, and we'd be better off had they just let us go.

    1066, 1649, 1865, and 1965: Worst years in English-Southron history. I mean 1649 to refer to Cromwell.