Saturday, April 1, 2017

VNCH Reunion, Bà Rịa-Vũng Tàu, March 2017

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Still has one hand with which to drink! :) Image may contain: 4 people, people sitting and indoor

 Two Johnnie Walker's, a Chivas Regal followed by two Remy Martin VSOP's ++.

Three Airborne and one helicopter pilot *219 Kingbees. See cap.

 * "Kingbees" Honored in Las Vegas

On a clear fall afternoon in Fargo, N.D., an executive jet landed to pick up three passengers: Retired Vietnamese Col. Thinh Dinh, his wife, Le, and his eldest son, James Q. Dinh. The jet whisked Col. Thinh and his family to Las Vegas for the 27th reunion of the Special Operations Association -- a group formed by ex-Green Berets who fought in America's secret war during the Vietnam War from 1964 to 1972. 

In addition to the Green Berets, the Special Operations Association today includes Navy SEALs, Force Reconnaissance Marines, and the many air units which provided critical air support to the men running missions across the fence during that deadly war fought in Laos, Cambodia and North Vietnam under the aegis of the Military Assistance Command Vietnam -- Studies and Observation Group, or SOG. Among the many combat air-support units were helicopters from the Air Force's 20th Special Operations Squadron, the Marine's Scarface and Eagle Claw, the 101st Airborne Division, the Americal Division, Air Force forward air-controllers, Air Force A1-E Skyraiders and the South Vietnamese Air Force's 219th Special Operations Squadron -- code named "Kingbees.

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The 'young' man's, (top picture second from the left and here seen with his son) father was an Airborne Major, spent eight years in reeducation camp only to die one year afterwards. He is pictured with his son years ago in remembrance above. I bought the same uniform with additional patches before I left Saigon at the end and all five daughters have worn it at times.


  1. On a clear fall afternoon in Fargo, N.D., an executive jet landed to pick up three passengers: ... old story... but the jet was supplied by John Walton... Sam's son

    1. old story

      So is the war, but the best piece I found to go with the story.


      Sam's son

      That was very nice, but his father would be disgusted at today's Walmart.

    2. Yes, Walmart ran everyone else out of business by importing from China, undercutting American made goods.

      Now that Amazon is running Walmart out, I can't bring myself to defend Walmart, even if it's the last vestige of private sector jobs in some of these small towns.

      Everything is centralised in today's society. No one wanted to defend the downtowns and the local economies. Everyone buys from the cheapest, most efficient seller, relocates to the best jobs. If Walmart is all that remains, it's not worth defending.

      On the positive wages would be far higher if not for immigration and outsourcing. But we've lost that old sense of community. So, we're vastly more efficient, but at a price. I just wish we had more soul and more community, more roots.

    3. Thanks and some downtown's are coming back, but with specialty shops/restaurants etcetera.