Thursday, April 27, 2017

Korea, Asia's Great Cultural And Political Conundrum

Via Joe

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North Korea and its petty, murderous, emotionally stunted and gravitationally challenged tyrant has been busy of late playing the old family game. Threatening everyone around in hopes of securing tribute in the form of free food from the West and cut rate oil and coal from China to keep the neighborhood bully from acting even crazier.

Unfortunately this third generation egomaniacal fool is not content with digging tunnels under the DMZ, blasting propaganda over loudspeakers, assassinating troublesome relatives or executing military officers with anti-aircraft artillery.

He has chosen instead escalate into the madness of combining a total absence of morality with nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles thinking the world will simply respond with more tribute.


  1. Why make the assumption that Fatboy only wants the bomb to trade it away for tribute? I've always taken the Kim family at face value on this one, that they want the bomb for military purposes. Was General Groves building the bomb so we could trade it away to the Japs and Nazis for tribute? Nope, Kim wants to have a big gun for the same reason lots of Americans want to have a big gun, it makes him sleep better at night. He knows darn well his regime is aberrant and evil and the world wants it gone, the Kim creeps think nuclear weapons will prolong the agony.

  2. I heard, I think on Tucker, that Kim had his half-brother
    assassinated because the uS was plotting to get rid of
    Kim and place the half-brother in his place. Regime
    change with no authority. Kim reminds me of a childish