Thursday, April 27, 2017

Patriot Nurse: Are YOU Prepared for Neo-Bolsheviks and the Armed Left?

Via Iver


  1. Amen, sister, amen! She nailed it with her comment of "logic, history and current affairs". Yes, the reason why the Left uses the same methodology is because it works. In addition those who are in "our tribe" contribute by making the same mistakes, namely underestimating them. Take another look at your collage age skinny urban liberal hipster, at that screeching feminist with her purple hair, multiple tattoos and a gender identity description that is longer than a Starbucks coffee order, or "pajama boy". Remember, yes they and their allies many be/are moonbat crazy, but that does not mean they are stupid. What our tribe continues to fail to taken into consideration is the reality, that they do not have even a similar moral compass that we do.

    I have seen the You Tube videos. A radical feminist calling for "cis scum" to die. A vegan stating that meat eaters ought to be killed if they do not eat the way she wants them to. The hysterical sobbing Hillary supporter demanding that "some one needs to fix this shit". You are already an impersonal thing to them. It is only a question of how soon they decide to act on the rage filled rants howling for the blood of their enemies. How soon, and what incident will take before some thug rather than spray "kill whitie" on a wall does just that, kill a whitie.

    Remember too, you are out numbered. Different groups will unite in their hatred of you. If you are a white male who is employed, a person of faith, a traditional patriot, then the militant homosexual, the jihad minded Muslim and the collage professor all have a common enemy. Once you are dead, it will be of small comfort to know that they will turn on each other. So there is one question you have to ask yourself; How hard are you? They want to kill you. Every. Last. One. Of. Them.

    1. you are out numbered.

      Thanks but don't see that

  2. I read where these bimbo facists antifa were buying guns
    like there was no tomorrow. Yikes!