Sunday, May 7, 2017

Donald Trump on Indian Affairs - 1993

Via Comment by Ron W on Miss Black UT criticized for 'not being black enou...


  1. Thanks, Brock. The Congresman there on the receiving end of Trump's back talk, is the typical condescending bigot/racist who think minorities are inferior and therefore should be treated with deference. This, of course, violates "the equal protection of the laws" in the 14th Amendment which, with the 13th Amendment, supposedly ended slavery. But they like to keep discrimination alive to keep the people divided and in oppositional groups. "Divide and conqsuer" is one of the main tactics of the elite ruling class. --Ron W

  2. Really, I think we ought to give Amerindians sovereignty. Cut out a chunk of federal park lands, give them a reasonable size polity; and if they choose to rejoin then Union, then they join as Americans, same rights as the rest.

    Wikipedia lists 326 Amerindian reservations. Well, they could form multiple polities. We have a lot of federal park land.

    Similarly, it's odd to me to have these US territories. Puerto Ricans should be given statehood. It's strange to me to have these different classes of people in the US when American citizens are fully diverse.

    If the US were still a white polity, then maybe having multiple classes would make sense. But we are not.

  3. Sorry, I meant Puerto Rico should be given sovereignty, not statehood.

    "State" is not supposed to mean what it means in American English!

    The USA is a state with 50 states! How confusing. If only there still truly were 50 states rather than 1.