Sunday, May 7, 2017

There's no Playing nice with Antifa + E-mail to New Orleans Traitorous Mayor & Why


There's no playing nice with Antifa

So now St. Joan of Arc is an oppressor of minorities, even though she never met or interacted with any.

For today's email, let me share the comments of my friend Larry Beane, pastor of Salem Evangelical Lutheran Church in Gretna, Louisiana.

Savages in New Orleans vandalized the St. Joan of Arc statue last night. It is a beautiful guilded equestrian work of public art given to the city by her elder-sister namesake Orleans, France.

The current attack on our monuments by communist thugs is being embraced and stoked by the Democrat mayor and the Democrat city council -- and their complicit allies in the local media -- with tacit approval of the Democrat governor who will not support a state monument protection act (as has been enacted or is being enacted in other states).

Defenders of our monuments have been threatened, attacked, and physically assaulted by Antifa thugs while the NOPD look on, like a cow observing a new barn door, allegedly under orders to do nothing. The mayor -- who seems to be in a bit of hot water himself -- blames the peaceful multiracial crowd that gathered at the monument in vigil.

The narrative is that our historical monuments are racist - in spite of the fact that most of them honor military heroes who defended the city of New Orleans from invasion, and who after the war, were leaders of a society in need of rebuilding, forces for national reconciliation, and advocates for minority civil rights.

But St. Joan of Arc had nothing to do with anything racial. She likely never met a single black person in her entire short life.

Her 'crime' according to Antifa and the apparatchiks of identity politics is that she was white and Christian. Remember the chant at liberal colleges and universities: "Hey hey! Ho ho! Western Civilization has got to go!" and the rejection of the 'canon' of our western intellectual tradition?

That's what this is all about.

These attacks are intended to rewrite our history and tear down Western civilization: its history and heroes and symbols, its liberal intellectual tradition, its Christian ethical backbone, its emphasis on individual rights such as speech and conscience, its contribution of limited government and its libertarian streak, its capitalist economics, etc.

The Communist revolutionary experiment was an unmitigated disaster in Eastern Europe and the former USSR. So now the poison is being spread to our country, to historically illiterate young people largely born after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

This isn't about monuments.

The best construction is that our politicians are magnificently stupid and nearsighted, for the alternative explanation is far more horrifying.

Tom Woods


E-mail to New Orleans traitorous mayor


I really hope you are proud of yourself!!!  While my family and friends are in NO trying to protect our history and heritage, they were beaten, sprayed with paint, spit upon, suffered wounds from bottles and rocks being thrown yet the police were told to stand down!!  There is video tape to prove this accusation should you care to view it.

What kind of mayor/leader allows violent attacks by anarchist's who hate our country that have been bussed in and paid to commit total destruction?  They have no idea, nor do they care what the are fighting for except a paycheck from corrupt anti American politician's with deep pockets.

Yes, you can pat yourself on the back for ordering the destruction of our American memorial's and monument's. However that is the least of your worries now. You have created an intolerant terrorist atmosphere where NO ONE will want to visit New Orleans. A boycott is already in the works, I for one will never step foot in NO again.

Tell me..... is turning your back on your people /voter's while pandering for votes worth your reputation and legacy ?  You are a shameful human being that would sell his soul to the devil for even one vote!

Pamela Steele



  1. What kind of mayor allows this kind of thing??? One that's in sympathy with the thugs doing it, that's what kind.

  2. Oathkeepers?? I dumped them a long time ago when they
    abandoned the Bundy's. A drone flew over and they were
    gone, checking into a hotel in town. Cowards. Here we
    go again: