Thursday, May 25, 2017

It’s Coming…We Must Steel Ourselves in Heart, Mind, and Body

Via Iver
 The need for this will be here before long.

What, you may ask?  Simply the 10th* (yes, there actually were 9 of them in the Middle Ages) Crusade.  Each day that goes by, the Invader presses our culture and society with probes to see how much he can get away with.  Europe is under siege and is being taken because, simply, they have no Hope, no unifying belief to defend.

Here, many are under the false impression that Christians must sit and watch their culture, cities, towns, villages, families, women and children be pillaged, raped, and murdered while ‘turning the other cheek.’

Clearly understood Christian faith demands that we defend Christendom.  Get off the fence and off your ass.  Train.  Equip.  Prepare.  Yes, there still is time.  All you need do, Christian, is look to your priorities:  Faith, Strength, and Resolve.


  1. It is NOT going to happen should the so called Christian Churches here in the FUSA, continue to do what they are currently doing. Which is nothing. The average church is designed to appeal to women and the weak nice guy beta males. I don't remember when the last time I meet a Minister or a church leader that gave me the impression he was a hard core badass Alpha male. We don't have the Christian leaders who are willing to literally go to war to defend the Faith, the culture and every single good thing that Christianity has created. Don't offend but welcome every fad that comes along to make the church more comfortable and seeker friend. Don't take a stand that might cause you to lose your 501-C3 tax exempt status. If Jesus is you Lord then are you willing to go to war for your Lord?
    I've been wondering the same, when if ever are those who call themselves Christians going to stand and fight for their faith? The enemies of Christianity have been very successful in convincing Christians to speak up is to "ram your religion down some ones throat", that you are trying to impose a theocracy if allow your faith to influence your politics (unless it is along Marxist lines, then it is ok). Or you are in violation of "separation of Church and State". Except when it comes to giving money to the State, then with pride proclaim how much of a hard working, Tax paying American you are! The highest civic virtue you can display is to be a tax payer. Never take a stand based on Biblical principles or believe in an absolute standard of morality, that would be intolerant and judgmental. You might make some one feel uncomfortable. I am old enough to remember when, "good girls" did NOT sex with their boyfriends before they were married. Now your "gender identity" is what ever you say it is, we are expected (and in some cities, required by law) to respect your personal pronouns.
    What the weak "Christians" of the Church of the Super Fun Rock Band refuse to admit is that we are at war and always will be. There is no compromise or coexisting with the Muslims or the Cultural Marxists. They hate you with an intensity that you will never understand. They will kill you for not full believing what they believe. The Muslim is willing to die for what he believes and considers it his duty to kill you. It is time to be a Crusader. Be it. Wear the title as a badge of honor and not care at all who it offends. If I am marked to die for my Christian faith, then my only prayer is that it be in a high pile of spent brass and a high body count. Amen. If Achmed believe that by becoming a martyr will give him his harem of virgins in paradise, then let me be a good buddy to him, by insuring that he gets laid tonight. Muwahahaa

    1. Speaking for the Catholics, they (the Catholic church) isn't going to do a thing as long as they get 1K per refugee from the various relief agencies.

      Qui bono?