Saturday, May 27, 2017

Righteous Fury

Via David

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Britain should avenge their dead by removing ALL Muslims from their country, as Ripley say’s in Aliens, “It’s the only way to be sure”. Not having Muslims in your country thinking up ways to murder your people is “the only way to be sure”. And if they hit the country from afar, don’t be afraid to go with the nuclear option.

For every one of yours take 100,000 of theirs, it’s the only thing these savages understand.

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  1. The British might consider using
    the strategy and tactics that have
    successfully protected and defended
    American war memorials, especially
    the ones dedicated to those who
    suffered, sacrificed, fought and died
    for the Confederacy.
    Uhh, wait a moment.
    Strike that idea.
    As always, some do nothing
    thinks that some keyboard bluster
    equates to actually doing something.
    When in fact, it proposes nothing,
    especially leadership.

    cav medic