Friday, June 16, 2017

Machete-wielding homeowner holds armed suspect until officials arrive, 5 arrested (Video)

Via Billy


  1. That guy with the shotgun could have easily shot the
    homeowner. Must not have had any intention of killing.
    Shot used to scare. Unlike those two freaks from Georgia,
    who killed the two prison guards, they'd have shot him in
    a minute.

  2. Yes, foolish, but fortunate he won out.

  3. Watched that yesterday. It was enormously brave or enormously foolish. I think if I were personally in that adrenaline-driven moment, there would have been limbs and heads rolling around. This guy is a cooler customer than I.

  4. I hope the guy applies for a CCL, gets it and buys a 9mm to deal with future "incidents". As EIEIO stated above, the next thugs might not be worried about killing the guy.