Friday, June 16, 2017

RPI: There Will be Blood: The Alexandria Shooting and Civil War in America

Via Iver


The shooting at a Republican baseball practice in Virginia shouldn’t come as a surprise. It’s the result of months of establishment agitprop. From Kathy Griffin posing with Trump’s severed head to a Trump-like Julius Caesar killed in Central Park play, the media has fixated on strife between the two establishment parties.

This isn’t an accident.


  1. DEMONrats should be outlawed as Muslims are in Japan!They are both, equally, hate groups.

    1. BT, You're right. My only regret is I didn't emphasize "should be." Stellar story! They're too cowardly to organize and take weapons into street. Oh, only if they would! ANTIFA, BLM, Muslims, DEMONrats, the lamestream media, etc., etc., etc., then fire the first shot, so we can annihilate the Satanic, NWO scum. Also, it would be interesting if THEY'RE the ones consigned to FEMA Camps, not us! It's not easy, but I do pray they will repent and come to Christ. Since they're demonically controlled/owned I question any "free will" they might have.