Thursday, June 15, 2017

“MY HOMETOWN IS GONE” A Shocking First-Hand Account of the Islamization of an American Small Town

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'North Carolina is like Heaven. People are so much happier here. I thank God every day we got here. I consider it a “free zone”, and I want it to stay free.'

Did you know that over 15 thousand so-called Muslim “refugees” have been admitted to the US since inauguration day?

Americans have got to wake up and see what’s happening to us!

Loretta Brady has written the best ever first-hand account of the damage the refugee resettlement program is doing to America’s small towns. It’s truly a must-read! Please share!

I gave a talk at a luncheon a few months ago that was basically relating my story of how my hometown has been Islamized by refugee resettlement. So it makes sense to do a blog post.
I’m from the Utica, NY area. Utica is the city nicknamed by the UN “the city that loves refugees!”

Soon every American city will be a city that loves refugees! Get ready! So I would like to tell you what it is like living in an area where the major city is about 25% (or more) refugee, mainly Muslim.

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  1. Assimilating people with 1000-2000 years of inbreeding as genetic burden and medieval death cult as cultural burden to developed society is not possible. It is also worth mentioning that Islam has trouble co-existing with Buddhists. In Myanmar legendary self discipline of monks has failed and they are throwing moslim minority out. In India there is constant trouble between Hindus and moslims. In Africa people with original religious tradition or Christianity as faith rather split country than co-exist with moslims(Sudan). In Europe there is trouble with moslims. No, they don't get along with atheists either, there is problem in China with moslims... And No... Moslims dont get along moslims either... Maybe someone sees a picture here, I'm puzzled. :lol:
    --Black Humor