Thursday, June 15, 2017

The War Between the States: Who were the Nazis?


Anyone who has been paying attention has heard many times the assertion that the flag of the Southern Confederacy is equivalent to the banner of the Nazi German Reich.  That this idea should gain any credit at all is a sign of how debased American public discourse has become by ignorance, deceit, and hatred.

To make an obvious point:  The Confederacy fought a defensive war against invasion.    It had no design to rule others or exploit their resources—only wished to be let alone.  Nazi Germany was a militarist state, dedicated to a boastful, bullying, brutal conquest of other peoples.  Rather like the U.S. Army in 1861—1865.


  1. Americans don't seem to appreciate how we used to be 13 states. Today we're a single state.

    1. Precisely and we had a great presentation on the NC Constitution at tonight's SCV meeting.