Tuesday, August 29, 2017

After Antifa's weekend chaos, Ben Shapiro issues stern challenge to Berkeley ahead of upcoming lecture

Via Billy

1. Berkeley has agreed to host us. They say they support free speech.
2. They required us to pay a $15K security fee.
3. That means the police should damn well do their jobs and stop violence. No excuses.
5. If the police refuse to do their jobs, or are told not to be administration or government figures, Congress should act.
6. Those who engage in political violence break the covenant of civilized society. The police must enforce that covenant.
7. The alt-right is repulsive. Antifa is repulsive. We should all stand together against political violence. Join us, Berkeley.

Self-styled anti-fascist rioters brought their violence back to Berkeley this weekend, attacking peaceful demonstrators attending a "Rally Against Hate" with sticks and smoke bombs. On Monday, conservative author Ben Shapiro, who's slated to address students in a lecture at the University of California, Berkeley on Sept. 14, issued a stern warning to anyone who may be spoiling for a fight over his appearance.


  1. I don't get it. The photographer is wearing pink but at the same time is larger than the P.I.B.(Punk In Black). Can I say this here, the P.I.B. looks most likely ahh "female!" It must be the fluoride. In fact, I know it is! The fluoride either makes you a commie or a coward. That photographer is more worried about that cheap lens, than manning up. I don't care the odds, I told the Lord if that happens upon me, and it is my turn to go down, let me take as many of those that HATE YOU with me! Ya know, the Samson Option! That P.I.B. would have suffered a broken neck and be dead if I was in that position. I mean good God, look how "open" that P.I.B. is! I mean shit, that reads "please hit me!"

  2. So what exactly is the alt-right? Like many of the words used to smear those one wishes to silence and shame, there is no agreed upon definition of the word use. Like the words, fascist, Nazi, Neo-Nazi, white nationalist, right winger, extreme right winger and of course racist, there is no common understanding of what those words describe, other than if labeled as such, you are such a horrible person that I do not have to talk to you. What does it mean to be a "fascist" in this country? What is "hate speech"? If the term is used to suppress any opinion or point of view that differs from yours, then the meaning of the word "hate", become amorphous and vague. If a white guy says all lives matter, the BLM activist will go on an unhinged tirade of how that was "hate speech". But if a feminist SJW says to her fellow 3rd wave feminists, "kill all men", that is NOT hate speech to them. We have no common culture any more.