Tuesday, August 29, 2017

The new Antifa are the old Nazis and Communists.

Via Billy


In my younger years, studying world and American history in school, I used to wonder how people of those past times could have been so stupid.  How could people actually believe that Hitler was a righteous man?  How could they be convinced that Jews were evil and Nazism was good?  Germans and Japanese at that time must have been crazy.

Didn’t Americans understand that a civil war between states could lead to incredible bloodshed?  How could people who shared the same heritage and culture go at each other’s throats so readily?  It seemed like fantasy to me. 

People must have been completely different back then, much more gullible and ignorant.

How could it have been possible for Josef Stalin to starve tens of millions of Ukrainians to death with no resistance?  How could Mao, as leader of the world’s largest population, starve to death tens of millions of his own people without opposition?  It seemed impossible, almost like fiction.

After 65 years of my existence, I now realize that people have not changed.  The ignorance of man is not a fantasy, it is real and enduring.


  1. NAZIs are vilifies and deserve to be. Yet somehow Communists that have killed millions and millions and millions more are not. Any explanation? I sure don’t have one.

    Murdered by Nazis – 10,527,000

    Murdered by Communists – 193,700,000


    5.1–6.0 million Jews, including 3.0–3.5 million Polish Jews

    1.8 –1.9 million non-Jewish Poles (includes all those killed in executions or those that died in prisons, labor, and concentration camps, as well as civilians killed in the 1939 invasion and the 1944 Warsaw Uprising)

    500,000–1.2 million Serbs killed by Croat Nazis

    200,000–800,000 Roma & Sinti

    200,000–300,000 people with disabilities

    80,000–200,000 Freemasons [23]

    100,000 communists

    10,000–25,000 homosexual men

    2,000 Jehovah’s Witnesses


    People’s Republic of China

    Body Count: 73,237,000 + 38,000,000 due to famine caused by the Great Leap Forward

    Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

    Body Count: 68,121,000

    Russian Soviet Federated Socialist Republic

    Body Count: 3,284,000

    Democratic People’s Republic of Korea

    Body Count: 3,163,000


    Body Count: 2,627,000

    Democratic Republic of Afghanistan

    Body Count: 1,750,000


    Body Count: 1,670,000

    People’s Democratic Republic of Ethiopia

    Body Count: 1,343,610

    Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia

    Body Count: 1,072,000

    I stopped listing communist countries that murdered less than One Million.


  2. Thanks.https://freenorthcarolina.blogspot.com/2017/08/comment-on-new-antifa-are-old-nazis-and.html