Thursday, August 17, 2017

Charlottesville: what the mainstream media isn't telling you

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  1. The Alt-Right…

    Much like the progressive’s big lie in the 40s that NAZIs were on the right. Look at every chart and Communism on far left and NAZI is far right. THIS IS A LIE. A lie perpetrated by progressives, that fully supported NAZIs and Fascists in the 1930s. The TRUTH is NAZIs belong on the far left, right next to Communism. How does any thinking person believe that National Socialist German Workers' Party, is conservative? Does that sound like a conservative group? No, that is clearly a communist organization. Ask people what NAZI is an abbreviation for. I doubt, 1 in 10,000 will know. This is intentional, selective ignorance. Because if they used the actual name, “National Socialist German Workers' Party,” there is no way they could dupe people into believing NAZIs belong on the right. Communists and NAZIs both have the same goal. The only difference is how that goal is achieved.

    Today, they are doing the same thing. The leaders of the Alt-Right are not right-wing. They belong on the left, right next to the Alt-Left. It is easy for those of us here on the right to follow their siren’s call. They are the only groups calling for respect and honor of our heritage. And that is the difference between NAZIs and Communists. The communist philosophy is a one world government, with government ownership, under their central control. The NAZI philosophy is a national central control, with private (the elite) ownership. And it is this schism that has them mortal enemies. And if you look with an unbiased eye at America. We are too damn close to that NAZI dream. Our government is now picking winners and losers in business. The winners are having laws and regulations passed that eliminate competition and allows the select few a monopoly.

    Many/Most joining the Alt-Right are good, honest conservatives. Like Southern Bell here. They are not racist, they are not haters. But they believe in their heritage. They are people appalled at the destruction of their history. They see their beliefs being destroyed and crushed by a communist/socialist conspiracy to gain power. But I am afraid, of where this movement is leading. I don’t think the vast majority of us know, their final intent. I don’t, but I have studied history enough to know what appears at the surface is not what lies below. Remember, National Socialist German Workers' Party (NAZI) took a broken nation, Germany. And united the people with pride and grew into a booming nation. On the surface, what they did was good and amazing. However, by the time their true intentions were known, it was too late. I don’t know, but I am cautious what the true objective of the Alt-Right leadership is.


    1. Very good and we live in perilous times. Thanks.

  2. She seems to shift accents. I actually do that also, lol. I'm guessing she's part South African, part US Southern.



    Regarding Richard Spencer, he wrote up a pretty good nationalist outline of the movement. I don't think he's a bad guy. You're correct to be wary.

    The problem is he allowed this association with National Socialists and the Klan. No one wants to be associated with that.

    1. Thanks.

      Did you see this?