Thursday, August 17, 2017

War isn't coming to America. It's here: Comment on FUNCTIONAL ILLITERATES TRYING TO ERASE HISTORY

Via Iver
Long ago I was asked (by a Yankee) why Southerners are still so bitter about the Civil War. I replied, "Show me one acre of land taken from a northerner and given to a freed slave." Her argument was over.

What folks on the right and middle need to understand is that this is Marxist theory in practice. The communists knew that manipulating the black race was the easiest thing to do. For decades they've patiently groomed the white educational and media conglomerate to instill in the minds of black Americans that they are victims; no matter how often the white person lays down his own rights for the benefit of his dark-skinned neighbors, it is never enough.There must always be more paid to them, more guilt, more of feeling like all of their woes can be laid at the feet of the white master.

Abraham Lincoln was a racist. Mohammed was a slave owner. Apple builds its products at slave wages. Amazon distributes those products made by slaves in third world nations. Social Justice Rent-A-Mobs aren't really activists. They are mercenaries who are being paid by a slave-holder (George Soros) in order that he topple the economy of America and hasten his ascent to the throne of power he feels he deserves. The mobs in the street, the talking heads on the tube, the bloggers on the Left... not one of them is willing to divest themselves of their fair share of the blame for stoking hatred among brethren. Same goes for some on the Right. When I read comments including "filthy Jew", etc. I don't have to wonder who crafted this sentiment that is so divisive: Satan.

My friend, Antifa in Europe has no Confederate monuments to remove, so why do they protest? They used to be called "Occupy" and they despised the financial/industrial/military complex. At some point the media and academia merged with said complex and now they have joined forces with the Morality Police on the Left to decide who lives and who dies. Look at what's happening in Iceland. They're not curing Down Syndrome. They're murdering people who have it while in the womb. Eugenics is alive and well and the distorted morality mob on the Left praises it. Now that the human genome has been mapped and hundreds of diseases can be identified, who else will be scrubbed from society before they're born? Will two people who believe in Salvation be prevented from breeding?

What we're witnessing is John Brown's raid at Harper's Ferry all over again. War isn't coming to America. It's here.
        -- Carolyn


  1. I for one am glad that someone 'gets it' - I have been saying this for a few years now but get only smirks and some laughter in return. Now it seems, not many are laughing any more. Welcome to the new paradigm.

    1. Now it seems, not many are laughing any more.

      If they had a brain.