Tuesday, September 12, 2017

All The Statues Must Go

Via Ol' Remus


Back in May, a New Orleans statue of Joan of Arc was tagged with “Tear it Down” graffiti.

Why Joan of Arc? Any famous historical figure is by definition controversial. Joan is a French
national symbol, but Shakespeare depicted her as a malicious witch. The French Quarter where the statue stands is a mostly white neighborhood. France was dealing with a controversial election.

This is what happens when you open a can of historical, religious and nationalistic worms.

The war on Confederate memorials quickly escalated into attacks on Abraham Lincoln. The Lincoln Memorial was vandalized in Washington D.C. and in Chicago, a statue of Lincoln was burned.

Abraham Lincoln fought the Confederacy. But from a black nationalist perspective, Lincoln and Lee were both racist white devils. And to the left, they both embody white supremacy.

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  1. Hi Brock,
    "Believest thou in Witches???" Answer either way and either way you still get Hanged for being a Witch!!! I'm sure you know of the "Salem Witch Trials." All it takes is one spark and next thing you know you have a forest Fire!! 'Have to dig into the "history' of the event, but from what I have read so far before it stopped it was a "Forest Fire!!" As I recall reading somewhere... "The last Straw!"... the "Last person to be accused of being a Witch" then the gauntlet was thrown down and someone with enough Power said "ENOUGH!!!" it was the Governor and it was his wife who was accused!!! Who will be "The Governor's Wife.....??"
    Today's "Statue toppling" is nothing more than "Salem Witches re-visited......" "Believest thou in Witches????"
    'Wanna' place any bets??? I'll throw out a couple.... "The Flag raising at Iwo Jima," "The Viet Nam Memorial Wall," (There have been attacks against it but noone has tried to tear it down ...yet), and "The Tomb of the Unknown's.' Thing is with the Tomb of the Unknown's...anybody try any s#!t and they "WILL" get shot!! That you can count on!!!
    Audentes, Fortuna, Juvat,

    1. Yes, Sir and Trump was right on with his remarks about Washington and Jefferson.