Thursday, October 5, 2017

Adios, Columbus

Via Billy

The controversy surrounding the Columbus Day holiday is part of a culture war that includes the removal of Confederate monuments and the NFL protests.  Columbus Day is being renamed Indigenous Peoples Day in many locations.  The battles being fought over Columbus Day are already being fought over Thanksgiving and the Fourth of July.  The very foundation of America is under assault.  Many powerful elite organizations are taking part in this attack and have been for decades.


  1. I walked into my local Credit Union and saw on the door a sign saying, "We will be closed for Native American's Day on Oct 9th." I hit the roof, I went to the president and told him that sign was wrong and to change it, it was the day Columbus discovered the new world that it had no bearing on indians or natives. I told him to stop being PC and people do not like history being rewritten.

    1. Good man and also remind him there are other banks.

    2. Aren't the English colonists Native Americans? We used to use such label in the past at times.

      "Amerindians" works to refer to Amerindian natives.

    3. My half Injun-Confederate friend say nobody refers to Indians as "Native Americans' on the reservation, only American Indians.

  2. Brock, I can't prove this, it is from putting together many pieces of information from many sources. Columbus (Babylon god: Columbia), was a PTB Special Op.
    The PTB educated the masses the world is flat. So stay here and enjoy your servitude.
    The Renaissance age, people started to discuss things, especially about ancient text, the earth is round (Old Testament and I am sure others).
    Freemason knew this, ask Manly P Hall, or read his book "The Secret Destiny of America."
    Word was getting out. Thanks to the Gutenburg printing press. The PTB figured sooner or later, the masses are going to find out. Sooo, let us stage a "revealing party."