Thursday, October 5, 2017

Sheriff: Unlikely Paddock could have pulled off the elaborate plan alone

 Stephen Paddock.

Those seeking to know the motive of Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock have had little more to chase than hints and shadows.

Unlike many other mass killers, Paddock led such a private life that no one seemed to know him well, and those who did had no sense he was capable of gunning down 58 people and injuring hundreds more at a country music festival before killing himself.

FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe said that he was surprised Paddock had provided so few clues, and that has proved challenging.

Clark County Sheriff did share on Wednesday night said Paddock had rented an apartment in another high-rise above another music festival a week earlier, though he could not say why.

And he said he felt it was unlikely Paddock could have pulled off the elaborate plan alone, though investigators have no idea who may have helped him.


  1. the man had a plan and pulled it as very simple...

    1. Why in the world would 'he have taken' so many there? Makes no sense.

    2. gun???...he could have fit the whole assault in one rolling load out...

    3. 23?

    4. he didn't need that many!!! that was his major flaw...and stopped at 12 burst???

      now I will be eyeballed when I check into Best Western with my SOC (Sandpiper of Cal)

  2. Lombardo is a leftist. He was the ONLY sheriff in Nevada to support the Bloomberg funded initiative in 2016 banning person to person firearms transfers between Nevada residents. He is part of the leftist deep state. He will
    NOT mention ANY possibility that might make the left look bad. This means that ANY possibility of this being the lone work of a deranged leftist will be ignored, lied about and covered up. The narrative of the left REQUIRES that this be the work of an evil white man using evil guns. Therefore THAT is what the official findings will show. The outcome has been predetermined.

  3. I guess Paddock does have a number 13 under his chin. Never
    noticed it before. The guy laying dead on the hotel floor
    does not have one.